Let’s face it, losing your customers’ financial data can cause both of you irreparable harm and devastate your business.  We believe every financial institution (FI) bears a critical responsibility to secure their customer’s data.

To help with this responsibility, Trusted Security Solutions, Inc. (TSS), a long-time leader in FI security and encryption, develops products and services that solve practically any symmetric and asymmetric cryptographic key challenge using the latest technology available.      

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If you deploy or manage automatic teller machines (ATMs), financial kiosks, internet commerce, and mobile pay devices, look to Trusted Security Solutions to be your cryptographic security key management partner.  TSS delivers solutions to banks, credit unions, FI service providers, ATM and POS device networks, and mobile pay and wallet pay service providers.

If you’re in the supply chain to process financial transactions, TSS provides leading edge, custom key encryption or key management solutions that safeguard your customers’ financial data.

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Trusted Security Solutions provides a variety of encryption and security products that allow their customers to process transactions in a compliant, secure and timely manner.

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Financial Institutions

Independent Service Organizations

Financial Processors

Self-Service Kiosks

Mobile Banking – Wallet Pay

Secure Payment Processing


Financial Institutions

Every financial institution (FI) and financial processor bears a critical responsibility to secure customer data and related cryptographic keys.  Trusted Security Solutions, Inc. (TSS), a long-time leader in FI security and key management, provides cutting-edge software and PCI mandated encryption. TSS also provides the support needed to implement audit proof cryptographic solutions for FIs.

Independent Service Organizations

Independent Service Organizations (ISOs) that maintain small or large fleets of ATMs, Kiosks, or POS devices need a cost effective means to load keys into devices on the network frequently and compliantly.  Most retail cash dispensers on ISO networks cannot be loaded using public key cryptography.  Since 1998, TSS’s patented A98 Comvelope™ products, known as the “gold standard” for loading initial master keys into retail ATMs, provide the most cost effective, compliant means for loading keys into these devices.

Financial Processors

Banks and Credit Unions update software in ATMs to increase functionality, lower costs, improve up-time, and monitor cash on hand regularly.  These “update” events increase the frequency of loading new initial cryptographic keys into the ATMs.  TSS products provide remote key loading for FIs regardless of the combination of ATM software and middleware at the ATM.

Self Service Kiosks

The latest wave in branch automation brings a new self-service tool – the customized branch self-service Kiosk.  Take a state-of-the-art ATM, add functions normally performed by human tellers and you have a device that can work like an ATM while also satisfying other important tasks for the FI customer. These kiosks work after hours and have interactive video when the customer needs personalized assistance.  TSS automatically delivers both the initial master key and the PIN Encrypting Key and sub-keys to these devices – keys historically supplied by the transaction host.

Mobile Banking – Mobile Wallet Applications

Customer feedback shows that most smart phone users want to make payments with their phones.  Tokenizing a debit or credit card into a mobile wallet app with near frequency communication technology continues to gain momentum.   Combining this technology with a finger print is all that is needed to make a payment.  FIs want a mobile unique wallet app that their customers find useful and easy to use.  In 2017, TSS added the hardware encryption necessary to engage VISA and MasterCard push provisioning requirements for compliant wallet pay systems.

Secure Payment

Financial institutions continue to innovate and expand electronic payment options.  To affect these new types of transactions, TSS provides the FI, network, or processor with the expertise for developing innovative products that combine efficient, secure key delivery with PCI compliance.


As experts and thought leaders in the latest cryptography, TSS provides FIs with custom solutions for specific payment processing or financial transactions.  Let TSS help you define, develop, and deliver a cryptographic solution for your specific needs.

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Do you need a trusted solution for your encryption or key management needs?  Contact TSS to discuss your situation.

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